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We have with us exceptional and expert bail bonds Pomona CA agents who work rigorously and with full dedication and commitment. 

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Our staff has been trained to guide you through the entire process. Our Smart Choice bail bonds Pomona team has experience in handling emergencies. Our clients feel comfortable sharing their stories and experiences with us because we provide a friendly environment. Our bail bond teams will guide you through every step of the process and make it easier.

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Smart Choice Bail Bonds is the fastest-growing bail bond company in Pomona, California. Having well-composed and well-equipped staff has allowed us to build our reputation. We strive to provide premium quality services to our clients at affordable prices.

We thrive in providing the best quality customer service to our customers. We believe in personal touch; therefore, we give individual attention to each of our customers coming to us.

We make sure our customers get the best services. And thus, we carefully listen to their specifications to design the solution as per their expectations. We provide custom-made solutions to our clients as we believe every situation differs from the other.

Henceforth, we believe in maximum customers and thus make sure everyone leaves with 100% satisfaction. Get 1% bail bonds near me services from Smart Choice Bail Bonds – your reliable solution for quick and affordable bail assistance.

What you need to Post bond in Pomona

When you come down to our office or start sending in the paperwork to get your bail bond approved, please have the following ready for us.

For Arrestee
For Cosigners

Local Check-ins

Many bail bonds require you to check in from time to time with your local bondsman. Since we are located right here in Pomona, this means you can do your check-in quickly and easily. Posting with a company out of Los Angeles for example, would mean your check-ins could be in Downtown LA for example. 

Get the best local bondsman in Pomona when you call us at Smart Choice Bail Bonds today. We have specific knowledge of the local courts, police, sheriffs, and the jails themselves. Being a local native has its advantages and we aim to make sure we make your process as smooth as possible during this difficult time.

Smart CHoice bail bonds Pomona

All of a sudden, anyone can land up in jail. A lot of good people also get stuck in similar situations. No one likes to be behind bars. As people know less about how to respond to such a scenario, it is better to get aid from Smart Choice Bail Bonds Pomona.

The majority of people have no or little idea as to what to do. People also don’t know how to proceed and what steps are essential. The Bail bond agents understand the situation very well, and thus, they respond accordingly. The bail bond agents know about emergencies like these. Here at Smart Choice Bail Bonds, you will get the quickest, most professional, and most effective services.

If you are looking for the best bail bond service near me, contact us today!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pomona is making significant progress in promoting pretrial services, as an alternative to bail bonds. Pretrial services are designed to assess a defendant’s level of risk and provide the appropriate monitoring, rather than relying on only financial conditions. These services include mandatory counselling, electronic monitoring and regular check-ins. They ensure that defendants remain involved in the legal system while they await trial. 

Pomona in California has revised its bail bond regulations as of July 1, 2023. In an effort to reform California’s criminal justice system, the state has made changes in how bail is determined. The change is intended to make the criminal justice system more fair and equitable. It will take into account the defendant’s financial situation, the nature and severity of the crime, and the flight risk, when determining the bail amount.

Pomona’s new bail laws recognize that each legal case is different and emphasize individual assessments. This method ensures that factors such as the nature of the crime, the community ties and the personal history will be taken into consideration. The legal system can foster fairness and compassion by tailoring its decisions to each individual’s situation.

The new laws are essential in that they integrate community support into recovery. The changes recognize the importance of a solid support network and encourage collaboration with organizations in the community that specialize in recovery. This collaborative approach provides individuals with resources and services to aid them in their recovery journey. It can potentially reduce the risk of reoffending and promote successful reintegration back into society

A bail bond is a type of surety bond provided by a bail bondsman to secure the release of a defendant from jail. The bond ensures the defendant will appear in court for their scheduled proceedings. Typically, the bail amount is set by the judge during the bail hearing and can vary significantly based on the severity and nature of the criminal charges.

A bail bondsman, or bondsman, is a licensed professional who provides surety bonds to the court on behalf of an individual who has been arrested and needs to be released from jail until their trial. The bondsman assumes financial responsibility for the defendant appearing in court at all required proceedings.

A surety bond is a financial guarantee that helps ensure the appearance of an individual in court. When a bail bondsman provides surety bonds to the court, they are promising to pay the full amount of bail if the defendant fails to appear for their hearings or does not comply with the conditions of their release.

Smart Choice Bail Bonds is a bail bond company serving Los Angeles County and the surrounding areas. Our team of experienced professionals are knowledgeable about the bail bonds process, and we make sure our clients are informed every step of the way. Centrally located in Pomona, we are able to quickly post most local bail bonds.

The process for posting a bond depends on the location and jurisdiction you are posting it in. In Los Angeles County, the bail bonds process begins with contacting Smart Choice Bail Bonds to discuss your specific situation. We will assess the details of your case and provide guidance as to what steps need to be taken in order to post a bond. 

You will need things like cosigner information, collateral for some larger bonds, the money to pay the premium (10% in most locations) and the ability to guarantee that the arrestee you are bonding out will show up to court.

While judges do have some discretion as far as the amount of your bail bond, most are set directly from the Los Angeles County Bail Bonds Schedule. We make certain that before we post your bond, the amount is correct and your loved one has no holds that will prevent their release. Give us a call today if you have any specific questions about your bail bond amount and our staff will be quick to assist you in any troubleshooting you need prior to posting a bond with us here at Smart Choice Bail Bonds.

Once the bond has been posted, then the arrestee can be released from jail. The arrestee will need to comply with all conditions of their release and appear in court for all required hearings. If the defendant fails to do this, then they can be returned to jail and the bond amount paid by the bondsman may not be refunded.


Smart Choice Bail Bonds Pomona  considers posting bail very professionally. Our skilled bail bond agents are ready to assist you if you are concerned about going to jail. Most people who have come to us have never been in a similar circumstance before. People are worried about the security of their family members and are concerned. Smart Choice Bail Bonds in Pomona, California, is dedicated to providing the most excellent quality of service in the bail bond industry.

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Carlos Flores
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Where to pick up after release?

Smart choice bail bonds is 10 Minutes away
Pomona City Jail

When you get arrested in Pomona, CA you will most likely be taken down to the Pomona City Jail or a local Sheriff’s station. Give us a call at (909) 200-3384 and we will be quick to start the process of getting you out of the Pomona jail. 

After working with Smart Choice Bail Bonds Pomona, we will secure priority number one… releasing your loved one from custody. The nearest Jail located in San Diego is Pomona City Jail. We are located 10 minutes or 3.5 miles away from the jail for faster service. 

How Much Is bail in Pomona?

While judges do have some discretion as far as the amount of your bail bond, most are set directly from the Los Angeles County Bail Bonds Schedule. We make certain that before we post your bond, the amount is correct and your loved one has no holds that will prevent their release. 

Give us a call today if you have any specific questions about your bail bond amount and our staff will be quick to assist you in any troubleshooting you need prior to posting a bond with us here at Smart Choice Bail Bonds.

Warrant Checks In pomona, CA

There are serveral ways to find out if you have a warrant in Pomona or Los Angeles County. Mainly, you should call the local police department or sheriff’s office if you have any questions about the possibility of your arrest. You can call the Pomona City Jail at (909) 620-2131.

Or you can call Los Angeles County at (909) 450-2700

Many jurisdictions however, may require you to come in for a warrant check. Should you attempt to do this, please contact our office so we can get ready for your possible need of us to post your bail. 

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"queen Of THe CItrus BElt

Named Queen of the Citrus Belt back in the 1920’s, Pomona is home to a little over 150,000 people in 2023. With a rich background of local citrus growers, this city is also the 7th largest in Los Angeles County. The city also derives it’s name from the Roman Goddess of fruit, “Pomona”. With such a rich and varied history here in our hometown, it’s no wonder that we have some of the best cultural activities


“The City of Pomona improves the quality of life for our diverse community.”With a thriving community and culture here in Pomona, we are here to help improve your quality of life with easy payment plans and alternative options to secure the freedom of your loved ones. Get the best customer service when you call us here at Smart Choice Bail Bonds. Or contact us directly from our website contact page.

Home to the famous month-long LA County Fair, Pomona is a central thoroughfare for almost anyone in Southern California. This is one of the main reasons we are centrally located here in Los Angles County. Find out more about what we do working with our community on a daily basis by contacting our office.