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With the special instructions from courts and different types of bond conditions that a domestic violence charge can come with, we are here to help you. Posting a bail bond for domestic violence means that you will not be able to be in contact in a way that is not approved by the court with the alleged victim in your case.

We want you to be able to maintain your financial obligations in your life while you go through your court case. To maintain employment, this means that you have to be free. We will post a bail bond for your DV case in any city we service in California.

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With many areas of the bail bonds industry, they require a specialized knowledge of your type of surety bond. This means that when you go to post a bail bond for a domestic violence chares, there will be certain steps to complete prior to posting.

One such area to understand is that when your bail bond is posted, the person that is the alleged victim is entitled to notification of the defendant’s release prior to them getting out of jail.

Contacting the victim or violating restraining orders will just get you put back in jail. If you have questions or are unsure please call our office for an exact quote on the cheapest bail bonds for domestic violence in Los Angeles.

What you need to Post A Bail Bond For Domestic Violence

When you come down to our office or start sending in the paperwork to get your bail bonds for a domestic charge approved, please have the following documents ready for us. Read more about California Bail Bonds on our state’s website.

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For Cosigners

Local Check-ins For Domestic Bonds

Many bail bonds require you to check in from time to time with your local bondsman. Since we are located right here in Pomona, this means you can do your check-in quickly and easily.

We will assist you in any court bond requirements you have. Ask us if you need help clarifying the terms of your release from jail for a domestic violence charge. It is always better safe than sorry when it comes to making sure that you maintain your freedom. We are here to help you succeed in life with your second chance.

Frequently Asked Questions

A bail bond is a financial guarantee to the court that the accused will appear for all court dates. In California, for a domestic violence charge, a bail bond allows the accused to be released from custody until their court date, ensuring they adhere to any court-set conditions.

The bail amount for a domestic violence case in California is set by the county’s bail schedule or at the discretion of the judge, considering factors such as the severity of the offense, the accused’s criminal history, and the potential threat to public safety.

For example, if your case is in Los Angeles, here is a link to the Bail Bond Schedule for Domestic Violence.

Yes, the accused or their attorney can request a bail reduction hearing where they can argue for a lower bail amount, citing factors like financial hardship, strong community ties, or lack of criminal history.

For more information on a bail reduction or bail modification hearing, you should discus this with your legal representation. We can only help you post your dv bail bond amount that is ordered by the courts here in Los Angeles or San Bernardino.

Conditions may include no contact with the victim, adherence to restraining orders, no possession of firearms, and possibly attending domestic violence counseling sessions.

Whether you go in person or attend a dv class online, it’s important that you make every effort to not have a repeat charge while released on bail. This can also result in you failing to meet the conditions of your release from the courts.

Release times can vary, but once bail is posted, it typically takes a few hours to process the release from custody, depending on the jail’s operations and the time of day.

Because of required notifications though in the State of California, if it takes awhile to get ahold of all parties, this could cause some delay. We’ve seen this cause a day at most. 

Violating bail conditions can lead to arrest, revocation of bail, and additional charges. The accused would likely be held in custody until their court date.

Please do not violate your bond. If you have questions about your domestic violence bail bond please do give us a call immediately so we can help you.

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